Curatorial Spotlight. Technological Developments: Front-Wheel-Drive Automobiles

Join us on Sunday, December 12, 2021 for the third of a three-part series exploring the major technological developments created throughout the history of the automotive industry. In the third part, we will focus on front-wheel-drive technology and the race to get it to the public. Our professional museum staff will deliver a presentation and be on hand to answer all your questions regarding the subject. In 1929, E.L. Cord brought the first front-wheel-drive passenger automobile to the public with the Cord L-29. Drawing on technology being used in racing cars of the time, E.L. Cord was the first to bring front-wheel drive technology to mass production vehicles.  In this presentation, you will learn about the history and continued impact of front-wheel-drive technology.

This presentation is free to all members of the public with a regular museum admission and will take place in the Education Center at the Museum. For more information please contact the museum by phone at (260) 925-1444 or email at