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We invite you to be a part of the museum experience by attending our events and programs or hosting your own special event at this exclusive location! There are many ways to get involved with the museum whether you are a visitor, member, student, researcher, bride and groom, event attendee, or just coming along for the ride!

The museum is located in the corporate headquarters of the original Auburn Automobile Company, so museum visitors experience first-hand where Auburns, Cords, and Duesenbergs were first designed, engineered, tested, displayed, and marketed. The museum houses 16 showrooms or galleries, including the Original Company Showroom, and other studios and offices that have been restored to their original period at the Auburn Automobile Company in the 1930s. The fact that these cars are exhibited where they were actually designed and engineered puts the museum in an historical context that is unique in all of America.

Museum Programs

The museum provides innovative exhibits and educational programs, grounded in scholarly research, to inform a diverse audience representing all 50 states and over 40 countries annually of our nation's automotive heritage using the Auburn Automobile Company, Duesenberg, Inc., and the Cord Corporation as a microcosm of the industry.

This museum, both a National Historic Landmark and an Accredited institution of the American Alliance of Museums, works hard to create educational programs and events that are tailored to the multiple types of learners in the world. Our mission is to provide programs and content that interprets and educates the public.

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The museum is the ideal location to host your next event! We have everything you need from bar and beverage service, catering kitchens, meeting rooms, tables and chairs, audio/visual equipment, and best of all the museum is open to all of your guests even during evening events. We also include event staff and an events manager to see your event through from planning to completion!

“We were extremely impressed with the service provided by the museum and the helpfulness of the employees we worked with. All of the comments we have received from our guests have been most favorable.”

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“Many of our guests commented that it was truly a wedding with ‘class’ and we want to thank the entire staff for their contribution. My husband and I will enthusiastically recommend the (Auburn Cord Duesenberg) Museum to anyone investigating locations for a wedding!”

The museum is a beautiful and iconic location to have your big day with all of your family and friends! Let us take care of the details with you with our staff, catering facilities, bars, and event space! We have weddings throughout the entire year and will work with you to make sure everything is flawless and coordinated professionally. The museum is an incredible backdrop for weddings and receptions and will create everlasting memories.

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