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Current Exhibits

Current Exhibits

Imagine the adventures in an automobile designed for the purpose of style and speed. Then picture driving down a highway, turning heads due to a groundbreaking automobile design conquered over 100 years ago. Experience the era that opened the door for streamlining and other sleek automobile designs right here at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum for you to enjoy along with our other galleries and exhibitions.

  • Learn about the supercars of the golden age of motoring
  • Experience the wonderment of the innovative design used to pull off such a revolutionary feat
  • Draw your own Boattail in the Interactive Design Studio
  • Located on the 3rd floor in the Gallery of Excellence and Innovation

Style and speed were perfectly matched together in the Boattail body style. It lasted until the mid-1930s as the Great Depression dragged on. Cars today lack that distinctive, pointed tail of the true Boattail style which will never be matched.

The Boattail rear end will be facing outward in the exhibit - it includes one of the earliest known Boattail bodies, and many other significant makes and models including, of course, Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg.

This temporary exhibit will open November 10 and be available free with admission.


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