Curatorial Spotlight. American Landscape: Freedom Rides

Join us on Sunday, September 12, 2021 for the third of a three-part series looking at how the automobile transformed the American landscape. In the third part, we will focus on freedom rides. Our professional museum staff will deliver a presentation and be on hand to answer all your questions regarding the subject. The freedom rides began in May of 1961 and were conceived to test compliance with two Supreme Court rulings: Boynton v. Virginia and Morgan v. Virginia. Both ruled that it was unconstitutional to implement and enforce segregation policies. The Freedom Riders would ride buses across the country, stopping at diners and rest areas along the way to test the segregation policies in different areas of the country. This presentation will explore how the use of automobiles helped bring light to segregation laws and America’s struggle to overcome discrimination based on racial makeup.

This presentation is free to all members of the public with a regular museum admission and will take place in the Education Center at the Museum. For more information please contact the museum by phone at (260) 925-1444 or email at