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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum Receives $249,275 Grant to Complete an All-New Permanent Gallery & Exhibition

“Both of these grant awardees offer unique attractions and build on Indiana's quality of life,” said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch. “The Destination Development Grants will not only boost Auburn and Greensburg, but also serve as new reasons to bring people to their regions.”

The new E.L. Cord Gallery of Entrepreneurship will feature outstanding artifacts, graphic images, and interactive exhibit components that will educate and inspire audiences.  The gallery will contain a 1931 Stinson AT-19 that was originally owned by the Auburn Automobile Company, a 1933 Checker cab that was built during the time of Cord’s ownership, and a 1937 Cord that was E.L. Cord’s personal car.  In terms of small artifacts, the gallery will have personal items of Cord’s, examples of some of the products that he produced, and snippets from home movies and the family scrapbooks.

“The museum is honored to be the recipient of this grant, which will build upon the legacies and history that we preserve, interpret, and exhibit on a daily basis,” said Brandon J. Anderson, Executive Director & CEO of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum.  “The story of E.L. Cord is of the consummate entrepreneur, and there is so much to share about his life and businesses that will engage current and future generations to become business leaders in their own right.  We are partnering with strong organizations in northeast Indiana to share this story and be an inspiration for others.”

The gallery will delve into the business phenomenon of the entrepreneur and what makes them different from other people. It will provide contemporary examples of those individuals who are still making a striking impact in business.  Cord’s personal and business life will be further explored, including key Cord business associates such as Harold Ames, Lucius Manning, Raymond Pruitt, and other pertinent individuals that were part of the Cord Corporation.

“By funding these projects, we are investing in amenities, attractions, and facilities that enhance the experience where people want to live, work, play, study and stay,” said Elaine Bedel, Secretary and CEO of IDDC. “I look forward to seeing the impact the new museum gallery and the community space and soccer facility will have on their respective regions as well as Indiana.”

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