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Sponsorship/Support Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Permanent Donor Recognition

With the museums vision of preserving this National Historic Landmark and world-class automotive collection – we are offering permanent recognition of your family, company, or foundation name for centuries. Featured in the Education & Exhibit Plaza are ten life size bronzes mounted on granite bases. The bronzes represent the automotive pioneers of the Auburn Automobile Co. and Duesenberg, Inc. They include:

Herb Snow
Frank Eckhart
Errett Lobban Cord
Fred Duesenberg
August Duesenberg
Female Worker
Male Worker
Gordon Buehrig
Alan Leamy
Robert Wiley

Help us pay tribute to the young and innovative automotive pioneers – while also paying tribute to your family name or company name for hundreds of years to come. The Education & Exhibit Plaza attracts car clubs and events.

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Men Employees

Men Employees

Robert Wiley

Robert Wiley

Fred Duesenberg

Fred Duesenberg

Individual Giving

The generosity of museum donors is essential to daily operations and programs – Gifts to Specific Funds in support of a program or project – Check with your employer to see if it will match your donation to double the impact!

Collection Fund  – Care and feeding of the Collection - Supports the purchase, restoration, purchase of replacement parts and perishables, labor maintenance, equipment and supplies to preserve, conserve, maintain, track and handle artifacts accessioned into the collection.

Education & Exhibit Fund  - Provides essential support to Museum gallery spaces, exhibits, equipment repair or replacement, insurance, transportation costs and program supplies.

Archive Fund  - The Museum maintains a rich and expanding collection of historic and contemporary automotive related documents and photographs for research and display. These holdings total approximately 70,000 and counting. Materials are housed in an environmentally controlled archival area. This fund allows us to maintain and expand the collection.

Terence E. Adderley Racers and Record-Setters Gallery

Mr. Adderley’s concept for the gallery space is to keep it exciting and to get others involved. Just as in racing, it’s a team.

The gallery will be refreshed with automobile changes periodically

The space will be completely renewed twice during the first 25 years

Donors and lenders will be acknowledged in the gallery space

A variety of educational programs, specific to this gallery, will be offered both in house and off-site.

Museum self-managed endowment  - Permanently restricted fund. A percentage of earned revenue is available each year, as approved by the Board of Trustees

Community Foundation Dekalb County Endowment  - Permanently restricted fund. The Museum’s endowment fund includes donor restricted funds. A percent of earned revenue is available to the Museum each year upon request

Friends of the Plaza  - Join the welcoming committee and have your name, business name, civic group, or club recognized in the plaza. Fund generated support grounds maintenance and care $200/year

Cars 4 Cash  – Make room in Your Garage

Donate any make or model vehicle to the Museum, with its approval, and your directives as the donor to sell it to support the museum programs and operations.

This allows automobiles of every year, make and model to benefit the Museum. It is a good option to help clear an estate or to make room in the garage. Revenue is generated though equal opportunity public sale of the vehicle(s).

The Museum itself sells these automobiles. Therefore, funds generates are likely higher than those generated by charities using a third party to sell.

Support the Museum when you Shop

The museum participates in programs that support non-for-profit charities. Just select Auburn Automotive Heritage, Inc. or Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum when shopping online through these sites:

Amazon Smile is a program where Amazon donates .5% of the purchaser price of eligible products to charitable organizers selected by customers.

The official Museum Store. Your Purchase from the official Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum Store supports its Educational Programs.

Support the Museum each time you surf the web à goodsearch.com

In the charity search field, type in ACD or ACD Museum and click the verify button. Once the page reloads, the Museum name will appear in the search box and you are ready to search as usual. The museum will now receive about a penny per search. It is that easy. Make GoodSearch.com your homepage and always support the museum while your search!

Corporate Support


Extravaganza Sponsor

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$2,500 - $10,000 *Be a Sponsor of the Benefit Extravaganza*

Supercharge your Sponsorship

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Driving Experience Sponsor

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You can choose to participate at the track as a drive, as a sponsor, or both!

Bring your favorite cars and join fellow car lovers for the 2018 exhilarating Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum Duesenberg Automobile Museum Driving Experience! It is so much fun! The Driving Experience is your opportunity to experience unrestricted enjoyment of your automobile and enjoy the camaraderie of others who share our love of cars. At this event, you will exceed the speed limit without fear of a ticket, show off your car, and check out other exotic and beautiful cars.

View 2018 Driving Experience Event Details

Sign up today to receive Driving Experience information as soon as it rolls out for 2018 by dropping us an email and we'll put you in the list: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact us if you're interested in being an event sponsor. You'll receive participation credentials at various levels from $5,000 to $20,000. Contact the museum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 260-925-1444.

Gallery Sponsorship  – Offers you or your company the highest level of visibility and the closest public association with the Museum. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

  • Steel Dynamics Gallery of Auburn, Indiana, built Automobiles
  • Gordon Buehrig Gallery of Design, co-sponsored by Alcoa Foundation, E.L. Cord Foundation, and Charles and Barbara Goodman Foundation
  • Dean V. Kruse Gallery – Early Auburns 1903-1924
  • Terence E. Adderley Gallery of Racers & Record-Setters
  • Raisbeck Engineering Hall of Technology
  • The Cars of Indiana Gallery
  • Design Studios – Anonymous
  • Gene Davenport Family Gallery of Fine Art and Archival Treasures
  • Metal Technologies Education Center

Car Side Kiosk Sponsor Your name or your business name recognized on a car side touchscreen within museum galleries for 5 – 10 – 20 years

Beyond the Classroom and Education Program Sponsors  - The museum’s education programs include everything from self-guided or docent-led tours to Beyond the Classroom Study Trips and outreach to schools. Lectures, seminars and learning activities are offered throughout the year. The research archives handles over 1,000 requests annually from all over the world

Event & Program Sponsorships  - Sponsor one of our annual special events or fundraising galas to create awareness with civic and social leaders for your corporation. The Museum seeks sponsorship for separate special events including: The Annual Benefit Extravaganza; the Driving Experience; and more. Benefits include tickets to the events. These celebrations are attended by hundreds of prominent corporate, civic, and social leaders to raise awareness and vital funds for the Museum programs. Or, you may choose permanent recognition for your support and have your name or logo engraved in granite on the base of a life size statue of one of our ten automotive pioneers.

Museum Fund

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Essential to the Museum’s daily operations and programs, the Museum Fund provides support where it is needed most. Your gift supports everything from collections care to educational programs

Sponsorship of General Volunteer Program

$1,000 minimum contribution required to receive Sponsor Benefits. An average of 50 volunteers at 10 meetings annually.


  • ·1-Year newsletter recognition announcement in monthly volunteer newsletter.
  • ·Recognition on signage at all meetings
  • ·1-Year recognition/logo on volunteer website
  • ·Verbal sponsorship recognition at all volunteer meetings
  • ·Opportunity to have brochures and/or logo promotional gift distributed at one meeting of sponsor’s choosing
  • ·A contribution of $2,500 or more will be recognized for 1-Year on the Museum’s Sponsor Kiosk in the main showroom within framed program signage
  • ·Museum Annual Report recognition in general donor category
  • ·Donor Kiosk Recognition in general donor category

Special Thanks:

Laurels of Dekalb for 2018 Volunteer Recognition Dinner Sponsorship

Volunteer Recognition Dinner in June

Smith Farms for 2018 Volunteer Holiday Dinner Sponsorship

Volunteer Holiday Dinner in December


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