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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars are in the museum?
The museum exhibits an average of 120 automobiles and related artifacts on three floors of the historic building. The automobiles on exhibit are a combination of cars owned by the museum (65%) and cars on loan to exhibits from private owners and other museums (35%). The second-floor mezzanine level contains the fine art gallery, archives and education area.

Are the exhibited cars drivable?
Most of the cars are driveable and many are in carefully-restored condition. The cars are prepared for long-term resting exhibition, so they require preparation to ready them for road use.

Are visitors permitted to take photographs?
Yes, photography is encouraged, in either still or video format. Feel free to take as many photos as you would like!

Who keeps the cars clean?
Generous members of the museum’s Volunteer Association regularly clean the cars.  Volunteers donate over 1,400 hours keeping the cars clean annually!

What time zone is Indiana in?
Indiana is on Eastern Standard Time (EST), all year. The state does participate in Daylight Saving Time.

Who owns the museum?
The museum is a not-for-profit and educational institution owned by the non-profit Auburn Automotive Heritage, Inc. The organization was formed first in 1969 by local volunteer leaders with contributed funds. The museum opened to the public July 6, 1974.

Where are the restrooms?
There are public restrooms on the first and thrid floors of the museum. 

Are there maps of Auburn available?
The Auburn Chamber of Commerce publishes a handsome and informative full-color city and county map and brochure about Auburn, Indiana. When available, it is distributed free of charge at the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau (www.dekalbcvb.org) also has tourist information available at its office, 500 South Grandstaff, Suite C, Auburn, IN 46706.