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Currently Sponsored Galleries 

Terence E. Adderley Gallery of Racers and Record-Setters
Coming Soon - Labor Day 2014

Alcoa Foundation, E. L. Cord Foundation,
Charles and Barbara Goodman Foundation
Gordon Buehrig Gallery of Design

Anonymous Design Studios

Sandra and Gene Davenport
Gallery of Fine Art and Archival Treasures

Dean V. Kruse Gallery Early Auburns 1903 – 1924

Lincoln Financial Group Foundation The Cars of Indiana

Metal Technologies, Inc. Education Center

Robert M. Pass Gallery of Special Topics

Raisbeck Engineering Hall of Technology

Steel Dynamics Gallery of Auburn, Indiana, Automobiles

William H. Willennar Foundation Willennar Hall Event Area


Sponsor Your Gallery

Consider joining the museum’s exclusive group of gallery sponsors. The three galleries currently available for sponsorship are the Company Showroom; the Laborers of the Auburn Automobile Company, Main Hallway, Level Three; and the Advertising Offices. Any of these galleries could bear your name, your foundation’s name or your company’s name.

Company Showroom

10-year name-recognition sponsorship payable over four years                $1,000,000

This is the original showroom of the Auburn Automobile Company’s international headquarters building.  Opened in 1930, this showroom is known as one of the premier examples of art deco architecture in the Midwest. It is where visitors and dealers were greeted with Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg automobiles and other products from companies owned by the Cord Corporation.

Sponsorship of this historically significant gallery will enable replacement of the original electrical wiring to the showroom chandeliers, wall sconces and receptacles. It will also make possible repair of the plaster walls and ceiling friezes, as well as cosmetic restoration of the woodwork and paint to its original color. 

The Laborers of the Auburn Automobile Company, Main Hallway Gallery

10-year name-recognition sponsorship                                                 $100,000

The laborers of the Auburn Automobile Company took deep pride, individually and collectively, in hand-building extraordinary automobiles. Here in this small American Town of Auburn, Indiana, non-union workers easily displayed fierce loyalty to the Company.  From the early years of light production, when building cars was interspersed with harvesting crops, to 1927, when a staggering 13,950 cars were produced by the Auburn plant, the laborers’ strong work ethic and commitment to quality laid the foundation for the company’s worldwide renown.

This gallery will honor, celebrate and tell the fascinating stories of those behind the showroom scenes of glitz and glamour — those toiling for long hours day-in and day-out to produce magnificent style, speed and some of the most advanced mechanical wizardry of the time.

Sponsorship will provide a photographic gallery created from the museum’s archival images of Auburn Automobile Company laborers involved in many aspects of production. Remastered audio presentations of over 40 recorded oral histories of former employees will be combined with historic company films to make “a day in the life of an Auburn Automobile Company laborer” a virtual reality. Exhibit cases displaying everyday artifacts such as pay stubs, tools, an original Auburn Automobile Company time clock, letters, memos and employee badges will fire imaginations and take visitors back in time.

Advertising Offices

10-year name-recognition sponsorship                                                    $30,000

During the late 1920s and 1930s, the Auburn Automobile Company and Duesenberg, Inc. marketed its automobiles in ways as innovative as the cars themselves.  Many of the advertisements created to promote the legendary automobiles used the latest techniques of the time such as reverse imaging, motion lines and lifestyle designs to create the “sizzle” that the world had come to expect from these companies.

Galleries may be sponsored by individuals, foundations or companies. A gallery sponsorship is a charitable contribution, and tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Gallery spaces carry the donors' name along with the gallery name in every form of reference to the gallery for a 10-year period. At that time, the donor has right of first refusal to renew the sponsorship. For more information on sponsorship call Laura Brinkman, executive director, at 260-925-1444 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .