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The museum’s archival collection includes manuals, vintage photographs, sales catalogs, blueprints, paint color descriptions, electrical diagrams, advertisements, audio and video materials, company records and many other documents of historical interest.The focus of the collection reflects that of the museum; i.e. primarily Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg automobiles and the people involved in their production.  The secondary focus of the collection is that of other automobiles built in the classic era as well as other automobile manufacturers located in the city of Auburn and the State of Indiana.  The Cord Corporation, its subsidiaries and personnel, and special interest automobiles are also featured. 

The archive collection, along with a wide array of reprinted materials, is available to anyone such as restorers, collectors, authors, journalists, and students.  It is not necessary to visit the museum to make use of the collection.  In fact, most research is conducted on-line, via telephone, fax or through the postal service; however visitors are always welcome.  Please contact the Archives Department to make an appointment if you plan to visit in person.  There is no additional fee to visit the archives; it is included in the admission fee.  The archives are open to the public Monday and Tuesday during regular museum hours and Wednesday through Friday by appointment. 

Fees are charged for duplication of materials, new photography, and supervised research.  See the listing of available reprinted manuals and blueprints under archival services.  VISA and MasterCard are gladly accepted. 

The collection grows through donations and purchased acquisitions.  The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum is a not-for-profit, 501(C)3 educational institution; a private corporation.