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Lincoln Financial Group Foundation
 "The Cars of Indiana" Gallery

A century ago, hundreds of automobile makes and manufacturers of auto components dotted the Indiana landscape.  The State of Indiana continues to be an important part of America's automotive industry.  Displayed in this gallery are rare and unusual vehicles built in the Hoosier state.  This area of the building was once used by the Auburn Automobile Company as its main drafting room and records department. 

A few automobiles featured in this gallery include:

1920 Apperson Model 8-20 -This automobile once belonged to Edgar Apperson, namesake of Apperson Automobile Company in Kokomo, Indiana.  Edgar used this car to test various features the company considered for its future models.

1932 Studebaker President - Unlike its sibling, the Studebaker Dictator, the President did not sound so authoritarian, but its eight-cylinder engine, with 122 horsepower, gave it the power to out-perform many of its similarly priced competitors.  Only nine examples of this convertible coupe are known to exist today. 

Circa-1894 Black Prototype - Produced sometime between 1891 and 1894 in Indianapolis, it is one of the earliest automobiles produced in Indiana, if not in the United States.  Not much more than an engine bolted to a horse buggy, it was a simple yet innovative form of transport over one century ago.