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Robert M. Pass Gallery of Special Topics

Displayed in what was the home of the woodworking and experimental engineering shops for the Auburn Automobile Company, the gallery presents specific topics of interest such as: preservation versus restoration; aluminum in automobile construction; and Duesenberg motor racing and its illustrious drivers. 

This gallery features:

"Auburn Cord Duesenberg: A Racing Powerhouse!"

"Frank Loyd Wright and His Indiana Cars"

"Aluminum: 100 Years on the Road!"

"Preservation VS Restoration"

"Dallas Winslow's Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Company"

A few of the featured automobiles in this gallery include:

1927 Duesenberg Indianapolis Race Car - This Duesenberg race car raced in nine Indianapolis 500 races from 1927 to 1937. It was also the last Duesenberg to race at the Indianapolis 500 in 1937.

1908 Auburn - Once crushed by a barn blown down by a tornado, this Auburn was lovingly restored by the Museum's auto maintenance team, the "Pit Crew."

1929 Cord L-29 - Frank Lloyd Wright owned two Cord L-29s during his lifetime.  This cabriolet was owned by Wright during the 1950s.  Wright was a great admirer of front-wheel drive, so much so that he wrote about it in his autobiography.  The Cord L-29 was one of the few man-made designs to receive his praise.

 1999 Plymouth Prowler - The Plymouth Prowler made use of an Auburn Automobile Company innovation - the X-member frame chassis.  It is also one of the very few cars to use an aluminum body for mass-production.