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Dean V. Kruse Gallery • Early Auburns 1903-1924

Auburns dating from 1904 to 1924 are located where the cost and purchasing departments once resided along with a portion of the blueprint room.  Here you will see the Auburns designed and created before E.L. Cord's arrival.  The theme is reminiscent of a 1924 Auburn sales showroom as depicted in the wall mural on the north side of the gallery.  Visitors can experience what it must have been like to purchase an Auburn car in the 1920s as illustrated throughout the gallery and in the video presentation.

A few automobiles featured in this gallery include:

1900 Eckhart Carriage -  This Eckhart carriage represents Auburn Automobile Company's beginning. The Eckhart Carriage Company of Auburn Indiana incorporated as Auburn Automobile Company in 1903.

1904 Auburn - This Auburn is one of the oldest Auburn automobile known to exist.

1922 Auburn Beauty-Six Sport Touring - This is a very rare Auburn automobile and is the only complete example of this body style known to exist.