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Steel Dynamics Gallery of Auburn, Indiana Automobiles

No fewer than eleven different brands of motorcars were manufactured in the City of Auburn in the pre-WWI era. This enlightening gallery proves that, even on the local scene, Auburn Automobile Company had formidable competition at the time. Invariably these manufacturers had earlier been well-established carriage builders, who embarked on horseless carriage activities as progress beckoned. Auburn, Indiana, was a center for vehicle development and manufacturing, brimming with new ideas in construction, power, design and marketing. The ambience places you in the early part of the century with photo murals of scenes from these manufacturers and the City of Auburn.

A few automobiles featured in this gallery include:

1907 Kiblinger - This is an original Kiblinger. This automobile was purchased by Henry Ford for his museum in 1930 and remained there until 1978. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum then purchased the automobile, and it has resided here in its home town ever since. This automobile has been in a museum atmosphere for over 79 years!

1913 McIntyre Imp Cyclecar - This is designer William Stout's first automobile design. Later in his career, Stout designed the famed Stout Scarab and the Ford Tri-Motor airplane.